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2019 Apr Bazaar & Rummage Nov   
2018 Apr Holiday Snap Nov Season's Greeings  
2017 Apr Play On Nov Cheshire Cats  
2016 Apr Trivial Pursuits Nov Veronica's Room  
2015 Apr Laughing Stock Nov Life Goes On  
2014 Apr Murder in Play Nov Caught on the Hop  
2013 Apr Flying Feathers Nov House Guest  
2012 Apr Not Now Darling Nov Calendar Girls
2011 Apr Look No Hans Nov Night Must Fall
2010 Apr Shut your Eyes and Think... Nov A Tomb with a View
2009 Apr Table Manners Nov Suddenly at Home
2008 Apr Murder Mistaken Nov Harvey
2007 Apr Two and Two Make Sex Nov Off the Hook
2006 Apr My Friend Miss Flint Nov Murder in Company
2005 Apr Blithe Spirit Nov A Chorus of Disapproval
2004 May Bedroom Farce Nov Stage Fright
2003 May Beyond a Joke Nov Deathtrap
2002 May Pardon Me, Prime Minister Nov Out of Focus
2001 May Outside Edge Nov 1 O'Clock from the House
2000 May Lord Arthur Savile's Crime Nov A Touch of Danger
Nov Rumours
1998 Mar Murder in Play Nov Aladdin
1997 Mar My 3 Angels Nov Wind in the Willows
1996 Nov Worzel Gummidge
1995 Mar Goodnight Mrs Puffin Nov Village Variety
1994 Mar When we are Married
1993 Mar Tons of Money Nov Frankenstein
1992 Mar Habeas Corpus Nov Village Variety
1991 Mar Fish Out of Water Nov Cinderella
1990 Mar The Continental Quilt Nov 4 Short Plays
1989 Feb Seasonal Entertainment Apr Murder for the Asking Nov Dick Whittington
1988 Mar Shut your Eyes and Think… Aug Midsummer Music Hall Nov Outside Edge
1987 Mar Take Away the Lady Jul Summer Entertainment Nov Robinson Crusoe
1986 Mar Key for Two Jun What Ho! Within Nov The Old Woman who...
1985 Mar The Gingerbread Man Jun Midsummer Music Hall Nov The Chiltern Hundreds
1984 Mar I Have Been Here Before Dec Round & Round the Garden
1983 Feb The Plotters of Cabbage... Nov The Kingfisher
1982 Jan Brer Rabbit May Abigail's Party Nov Old Tyme Music Hall
1981 Mar Fool's Paradise Nov Living Together
1980 Apr A Tomb with a View Oct Table Manners
1979 Dec Babes in the Wood
1978 Jan Music Hall Nov The Giaconda Smile
1977 Jan A Christmas Carol Apr Birthday Honours
1976 Mar The Tinder Box Nov A Breath of Spring
1975 Jan Brer Rabbit Apr Count your Blessings Nov The House by the Lake
1974 Jan Cinderella Apr Person Unknown Nov The Rape of the Belt
1973 Mar The Sound of Murder Nov Blithe Spirit
1972 Nov The Noble Spaniard
1971 Nov When we are Married
1970 Jan Boeing Boeing Nov Wanted One Body

1968 Mar Cat on the Fiddle Nov Ladies in Retirement
1967 Apr Midsummer Mink

1966 Feb Mother Goose Apr Madam Tic-Tac Oct Goodnight Mrs Puffin
1965 Apr Open Verdict Nov The Middle Watch
1964 Jan Dick Whittington Apr 3 Short Plays
1963 Feb Babes in the Wood Oct Happiest Days of your Life
1962 Feb Cinderella Apr Bonaventure Oct The Geese are Getting Fat
1961 Apr Night Must Fall Oct Quiet Wedding
1960 May Random Harvest Dec Young Wives Tale
1959 Apr Murder out of Tune Nov Fools Rush In
1958 Mar 4 Short Plays Nov Tony Draws a Horse
1957 Feb 4 Short Plays Dec A Lady Mislaid